ZeroFOX acquires Vigilante to extend threat intelligence and protection

U.S. based cyber security firm, ZeroFOX has reportedly announced the acquisition of Vigilante, a global expert in Dark Web Threat Intelligence, to expand its intelligence portfolio. Following the merger of Cyveillance in October 2020, ZeroFox has now included Vigilante as the 2nd firm to join its family in the past three quarters.

The acquisition of Vigilante will extend intelligence and protection resources to ZeroFox clients, enhancing decision efficiency through a combined solution based on deep knowledge in human intelligence and AI analysis of enormous datasets from dark web sources.

With years of experience in targeted threat detection and developing trusted personas within the underground economy, Vigilante meets challenging intelligence requirements for a wide spectrum of firms across a diversified range of industries, including many of the Fortune 50 firms.

Sources close to the acquisition claim that Vigilante’s expert technicians and analysts will be added to ZeroFox to qualify access to unique data sets and threat research which no other providers can offer. The upgraded platform of ZeroFox delivers the industry’s most sophisticated ability to assess public attack surface exposure and safeguard enterprises from dark web activity at a larger scale.

Reportedly, cybercriminal activity on the dark web and in the criminal underground is posing a menace to businesses. The number of records hacked in 2020 exceeded 37 billion, almost a 141% rise compared to the previous year, while ransomware was up by 100%.

Companies lack the resources and skills to identify and analyze threats, remove sensitive information from the web, resolve ransomware situations, and act immediately to other cyber disasters.

According to James C. Foster, Chief Executive Officer, ZeroFox, this move signifies another key achievement for ZeroFox, indicating their dedication to taking the lead in threat intelligence and security around the world. Dark web and criminal underground are the important prerequisites of modern threat intelligence operations.

Mr. Foster added that the new added capability will increase the scale and comprehensiveness of its dark web intelligence capabilities to customers, protecting businesses, customers, people and information.

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By Shreya Bhute

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