Careem, Hyundai MOBIS to offer discounts on after-sales car services

Careem, a Dubai-based multi-service online platform, has recently inked a pact with South Korean car parts company, Hyundai MOBIS and authorized distributors of Hyundai & Kia in Saudi Arabia to offer a discount of around 40% to car-pooling Captains on after-sale services for 12 months.

The offer applies to genuine car parts and maintenance services provided via the Hyundai MOBIS service network.

Currently, around 75,000 Saudi citizens use the Careem app and approximately 75% of Careem Captains have their cars in Saudi Arabia.

Apparently, in Saudi Arabia, Hyundai and Kia are said to be amongst the four most popular car brands owned by Careem Captains.

Mr. Min Soo On, MD, Hyundai Mobis Parts Middle East, stated that the firm is excited about signing this deal with Careem and the Hyundai and Kia authorized distributors in Saudi Arabia as this will help in extending the product and services range to Careem Captains.

He noted that the safety of passengers, drivers and vehicles is always the top priority. The firm recommends that Careem Captains utilize the approved service network for auto repair and maintenance services.

For the cars to be safe and have a longer lifespan, it is vital to be diagnosed using the appropriate equipment by skilled mechanics.

Ghaith Al-Johani, GM of Careem, Saudi Arabia, stated that the firm is pleased to collaborate with Hyundai MOBIS and gain substantial discounts on genuine spare parts maintenance for Careem Captains.

AI-Johani stated that the captains work extremely hard to offer customers a comfortable and safe ride. These discounts will assist them in saving the time they spend on maintenance with the most popular cars used in the Kingdom.

Careem offers 24-hour technical support, special discounts on car cleaning, and in-ride insurance coverage to Captains in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier in March 2022, it collaborated with the Saudi Social Development Bank to offer SAR 1.1 billion ($293 million) in financing with low installments for 7,500 vehicles for a time span of three years, valued at SAR 150,000 (around $40,000) per vehicle.

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