Xiaomi presents the future of fast charging with launch of HyperCharge

With the general public hooked on to the charging points for hours to charge their phones to maximum, the demand for fast charging technology has surged dramatically. In a bid to ease these struggles, Xiaomi has reportedly come up with a novel fast charging technology, Hypercharge.

The tech-giant has introduced a new 200 watt fast charging technology that takes over Xiaomi’s 120 watt fast charging technology used on Mi 10 ultra. In fact, the brand claims that this innovation is fast enough to charge a 4,000mAh battery in nearly less than 8 minutes.

In tandem, the company has also launched a new 120W wireless fast charging tech that can completely charge a 4,000mAh battery in about 15 minutes. This tech overpowers the firm’s 80 watt wireless fast charging tech, one of Xiaomi’s fastest wireless charging speed to date.

It has been reported that Xiaomi revealed these new charging technologies on the social media platform-Twitter, with a video representing how fast a smartphone with 4,000mAh battery charges.

It was observed in the video that a phone with 4,000mAh battery takes purely 44 seconds to reach 10% charging, while a 3 minute charge would get the phone to 50% and a full charge takes just about 8 minutes.

Xiaomi has, however, not mentioned the specifications of phones that will be the first to witness the exceptional technology. Nevertheless, speculations have it that the company could debut the technology on the Mi 10 Ultra successor in 2022.

While Xiaomi is the first to announce a novel technology like this, other tech companies has also been working on the concept. Xiaomi’s rivals Realme and Oppo, both of which utilize Dart Charging tech on their smartphones, now fall second with their 12 watts ‘Flash Charge’.  

In addition to these, Samsung’s S21 Ultra still ships with 2 watts fast charging with USB Power Delivery 3.0, while OnePlus has employed a 65 watts fast charging and 50W wireless speed charging on its OnePlus 9 Pro.

Source Credit: https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/xiaomis-new-200w-fast-charging-tech-can-fully-charge-a-phone-in-8-minutes-7338148/

By Shreya Bhute

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