Volvo announces plans of only dealing in electric cars by 2030

The Swedish carmaker has revealed out its plans of phasing out IC engine vehicles at a much faster pace than other automakers, thus contributing to the sustainability trend

Surging carbon footprint worldwide has enabled various automakers to step ahead in reducing the production of IC engine vehicles and laying immense focus on developing EVs. In one such instance, Volvo Cars- one of the leading Swedish carmakers- has recently laid down its plans of producing and selling all electric cars only by the end of 2030.

It was mentioned in a report that the company is looking forward to converting its entire lineup to battery power within the span of upcoming 10 years. It has been speculated that the declaration by the company is the latest attempt by a conventional auto company to break with its fossil fuels past.

Moreover, it also stands to be one of the most ambitious proposals and cogs up the pressure on other companies to follow. Besides, rumors have it that the automaker is competing to be one of the greenest firms of all the rivals including General Motors, Ford, and others.

Speaking of which, General Motors recently announced that it plans to go all electric by 2035 end, while Ford has laid down its plans of dealing in only battery-powered cars in the European continent starting in 2030.

Commenting on the latest decision made, CEO of Volvo- Hakan Samuelsson, quoted that if a company wishes to be in the game forever, it needs to adapt to the rapid transformation ongoing in the field. He added that Volvo currently boasts of more electric models in development.

When questioned about whether the firm’s customers would follow them in this transition, Mr. Samuelsson answered that since electrification is rapidly taking over the world, customers are likely to be a part of the company’s transforming EV offerings. 

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By Shreya Bhute

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