Virtual Gurus secures $1.7Mn funding to expand operations

Virtual Gurus- a Canada headquartered talent marketplace that is equivalent to businesses with skilled and qualified Canadian and American virtual assistants, has gained additional funds worth USD 1.7 million to accelerate the growth of their technology offerings, commence operations in machine learning, and develop additional opportunities for underrepresented individuals.

According to reports, Virtual Guns is gaining over USD 980k from Western Economic Diversification’s Business Productivity and Scale-up scheme. The firm has also gained an added USD 700K from its stakeholders including the 51, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, and other notable backers. This brings the total funding of Virtual Gurus to USD 2.9 million.

Mélanie Joly, Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages and the Minister in charge of Western Economic Diversification in Canada, was reportedly quoted stating that efforts like the Business Scale-Up and Productivity program will assist western Canadian companies to take their proposals to both national and international level.  

Joly further mentioned that investments made by the government to support the growth and success of companies like Virtual Gurus will help develop unique digital solutions and create more job opportunities in Canada.

Seemingly, since the second half of 2020, Virtual Gurus has witnessed a rapid revenue increase and the momentum is growing. To meet rapid growth, the company has established plans to hire more staff and increase the talent pool.

Along with staff growth, the company is also heavily investing in machine learning with an aim to increase efficiencies of qualifying and gaining virtual assistants. Machine learning will also enhance the matching capabilities of the Talentplace hub- the principal tech engine that connects the entities with back-office support.

As per a statement by the company, as it grows, it will also expand ‘askBetty’ – a live ‘task on-demand offering, making it available across various technology platforms. Administrative tasks such as file formatting, data entry, and think research is carried out by virtual assistants who gain supplemental income from various platforms.

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By Shreya Bhute

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