Vingroup announces collaboration with Intel to develop smart technologies

Vingroup, a largest conglomerate in Vietnam, has recently entered into a partnership agreement with Intel to develop 5G-enabled smart city and smart building solutions, which can be easily applied to Vinhomes' smart city projects.

The companies are also planning to form alliances on building and installing smart factory IoT solutions for manufacturing VinES batteries and VinFast electric vehicles.

For the uninitiated, Vingroup has been a leader in offering smart products and services deployed with top-class technologies, outstanding experiences, and advanced features to customers for improving their lives.

Commenting on the move, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup, Le Thi Thu Thuy mentioned that the firm works toward the vision via collaborations like this to create a smarter and more justifiable future for everyone.

The move to join forces with big giants is a continued effort from Vingroup to work with top tier suppliers globally, who can assist it further in smart services, manufacturing development, and electric vehicle initiatives.

In this newly inked MoU, both Vingroup and Intel will be supportively defining and building a scalable and optimized computing architecture for AI training and interpretation for Vingroup's in-vehicle and cloud applications.

Intel and Vingroup will also cooperatively define and build an enhanced computing architecture for AI training and interpretation for Vingroup's in-vehicle and cloud applications.

Furthermore, both the companies will be working to define a shared vision of future in-vehicle computation platforms and build scalable in-vehicle platforms for computing for ADAS built on Mobileye technology and infotainment systems that offer an extraordinary experience to the customers of Vingroup and VinFast. It would also produce a set of services that will segregate them from competitors.

Recently, Vingroup modified its positioning and reanalyzed three major activities: trade and services; technology and industry; and social enterprise.

Vingroup majorly emphasizes two key strategies. First is building Vingroup's technology ecosystem and linking global intelligence. And second is collaborating with the leading technology partners in the world to hasten the application of the novel and innovative technologies to Vingroup's products and services.

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By Shreya Bhute

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