Verizon, Google to offer advanced messaging services to Android users

American multinational telecommunications conglomerate- Verizon has reportedly joined hands with technology giant- Google in a bid to offer advanced messaging services to Android users across the U.S. from 2022 through the Messages by Google application.  

Apparently, the service is based on the Rich Communications Service (RCS) technology that offers a more interactive and advanced messaging solution from Messages by Google.

According to Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice-President and CEO, Verizon Consumer Group, customers largely depend on their firm to attain reliable and enhanced messaging services to stay connected to people.

Through the alliance with Google, Verizon will provide Android users a genuine messaging mechanism that will allow customers to engage with people in a new and innovative manner, Ronan added.

Notably, through the partnership, Google’s Messages will work with the network and RCS messaging technology offered by Verizon to extend a seamless experience to Android users. Moreover, Google is slated to work with the telecom pioneer to offer an improved B2C messaging ecosystem with the help of RCS.

As per reliable sources, Messages by Google will be preloaded starting 2022 on all Verizon- Android systems, allowing consumers to experience an advanced messaging feature like receiving and sending high-quality photos and videos, seamlessly chatting over mobile data or Wi-Fi, knowing whether the messages are read, experiencing more dynamic and engaging group chats, as well as chatting with other Messages users through one-on-one conversations that are completely secure.  

In addition to above, businesses will also benefit from the technology as they will be able to develop and manage messaging effectively to expand their customer reach.

Sources cite that RCS will offer Verizon Android users to easily connect with businesses to buy products, ask questions, make reservations, to name a few.

A report by GSMA states that the RCS system has gained considerable recognition worldwide with over 444 million monthly active users across 60 nations.  

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By Shreya Bhute

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