Vanti Analytics raises $16M to help manufacturers deploy AI models

Covid-19 has led many manufacturers to begin to experiment or fully incorporate AI in their organizations. Around 93% of the organizations are certain that AI will be a fundamental technology for augmenting innovation and growth in the manufacturing sector.

One of the vendors in the escalating ‘AI for manufacturing’ market is Vanti Analytics, a software company. It empowers manufacturing teams to create and integrate predictive models for use cases in multiple industries, including automotive, food, semiconductors, energy, and consumer goods.

Vanti Analytics has recently announced that it has secured around $16 million in Series A funding.

In 2019, Smadar David and Nir Osiroff founded the Israel-based Vanti Analytics. Earlier, Osiroff worked at Broadcom as an algorithmic communication engineer before joining the Lidar provider Innoviz for leading the algorithms team.

David also worked at MEMS and the opt-mechanics group at Innoviz, where she headed the new hardware modules' design, testing, fabrication, and packaging.

Vanti platform is designed to monitor, maintain and optimize models for manufacturing the applications in production.

Customers describe the use case they desire to target, create a model with the help of data available, and train multiple models optionally with different configurations for comparing. After this, they deploy the model and integrate real-time production data with the help of Vanti's API.

David said that the industry faces some major supply chain issues with the global pandemic. Also, strict quality requirements alongside high pressure on costs are faced by the industry.

Additionally, it is also facing some major shortages in qualified personnel like other industries; hence it seeks to move to greater automation and discover data analytics talent that can help drive innovation and efficiency with the help of the data. Vanti already addresses both challenges.

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By Shreya Bhute

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