U.S airlines warn against use of 5G network; says could disrupt flights

U.S based airline carriers have reportedly warned against the use of spectrum for 5G wireless network which might lead to disruption of flights on a regular basis, charging the air passengers almost $1.6 billion annually.

As per reports, Scott Kirby, Chief Executive of United Airlines has requested Verizon Communications and AT&T to put a pause on their plans to use the C-Band spectrum technology for 5G wireless. The decision was made after a meeting of U.S Senate Commerce Committee as this could lead to diversion, delay or cancellation of around 4% flights daily, which would be a serious government failure.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the aviation industry have announced that possible intrusion of 5G network will cause to the electronics of the aircraft like the radio altimeter.

Additionally, Kirby quoted that the interruption in the use of radio altimeters would produce a halt on the warning indications for cloud cover, bad weather, dense smog to the pilot, leaving space only for the visual indicators.

Trade Group Airlines for America (A4A) mentioned that the commencement of the 5G wireless plan of the FAA would have caused an impact on 32 million passengers, 345,000 flights, 5,400 cargo flights causing a major setback.

However, a wireless trade group, CTIA, commented that the 5G wireless network has been successfully operating in more than 40 countries and fears of the aviation industry are based on distorted and discredited information.

As per speculations, wireless carriers are seeking to fasten the process of use of spectrum which they acquired for more than $80 billion.

Furthermore, the FAA has ordered revision of helicopter and airplane flight manuals to eliminate certain operations which require radio altimeter while using 5G C-Band wireless network, while it discusses the future of altimeter.

Source credit:- https://telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/u-s-airlines-warn-5g-wireless-could-wreak-havoc-with-flights/88309628

By Shreya Bhute

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