Snap pledges to ‘go green’ with newly announced climate strategy

Snap Inc., developer of the popular multimedia messaging app- Snapchat, has reportedly announced its new climate proposal that aims at reducing greenhouse gas emission levels, purchasing 100% green energy, and staying carbon neutral after offsetting emissions since it went operational.

As mentioned in the annual “CitizenSnap” report on social and environmental efforts, the strategy has been designed in light of an increase in climate change debates between technology companies along with growing need for energy to run robust computer data servers.

Dom Perella, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Snap mentioned that by choosing to become more energy-efficient, Snap will not only reduce its cost of operations in the long run but also meet the changing sustainable needs of the younger generation.

Perella added that by 2025, Snap aims at reducing total carbon emissions generated from its business operations by nearly 25% by making its facilities more sustainable and buying renewable power.

In line with the above, the company is also focusing on reducing emissions from business travel and purchased goods and services by approximately 35% of the per-unit value. This may be achieved by shifting to environmentally-friendly travel alternatives and encouraging vendors to reduce their emission levels.  

According to an official statement by Snap, the company is determined at reducing its CO2 volumes by joining hands with the Science Based Targets initiative, an affiliation that advises entities on controlling emissions to meet goals stated in the Paris Agreement international policy on climate change. 

Established in the year 2011 in California, the company reported that it is now carbon neutral through investments in forestry projects across the globe to offset its emissions.

Following a similar trend, many technology giants have also moved to offset their past carbon emissions records. In 2020, Google LLC announced that it had removed its carbon emission history before 2007, mentioning that the organization is moving towards becoming carbon neutral.

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By Shreya Bhute

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