Skylark Drones secures $3Mn funding to expand in overseas markets

Skylark Drones, a drone platform startup based in Bengaluru, has secured $3 million in a pre-series A funding round directed by IAN Fund and InfoEdge Ventures along with participants like Fowler Westrup, AdvantEdge Founders, IKP, Redstart Labs, and Vimson Group.

The startup claims on using these funds to expand its reach into international markets and enhance its product portfolio. The firm was launched in 2015, and has recently completed a seed round of fundraising. Its technology platform uses data collected by drones which is offered to enterprises for taking relevant business decisions.

Mughilan Thiru Ramasamy, Co-founder & CEO, Skylark Drones, said their mission is to discover and unlock the economic potential of airborne intelligence.

Skylark Drones has offices located in the US and India and serves customer in the mining, solar power, real estate, agriculture, and inspection sector. The company offers AI-powered solutions for platform integrations, API access, drone mission execution, and even for local airspace adherence.

The firm claims that these solutions enable companies to take advantage of the benefits of drone data analytics and utilize it to plan better, build faster, and operate more safely.

Amit Behl, Info Edge Venture Fund Partner, stated that aerial intelligence is a theme with a lot of potential because it can save cost, time, and efforts of giant infrastructure corporations that observe many cost and time overruns. In addition, Skylark Drones has an opportunity to go global as it is one of few companies with a full-stack of solutions.

Drones are quickly becoming the norm for remote worksite monitoring and examinations, with major companies like Ultratech Cement, Tata Steel, and Softbank Energy leading the way. Mrinal Pai, the co-founder of Skylark Drones, said they look forward to serving more organizations in the next leg of their growth journey.

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By Shreya Bhute

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