POND Mobile and Kaymera Technologies partner for securing communications

An international mobile carrier operator, POND mobile, has recently announced its partnership with Kaymera Technologies. Kaymera focuses on military-grade mobile safety and secure communications solutions for safeguarding its client’s business welfares.

As per credible sources, the partnership with POND mobile will enable Kaymera to offer its consumers an end-to-end international wireless tariff. In addition, with an exclusive offer between both the companies, clients will be provided with a Kaymera-encrypted smartphone and service from POND mobile.

Additionally, coverage around the world, high-speed priority data, and robust mobile security are a few of the benefits this collaboration has to offer.

Kaymera offers solutions that protect against all mobile threats, including voice & data interception, rogue applications, and location tracking. Moreover, it allows the enterprise and individual clients to protect their assets against cyberattacks and secure their daily operations.

Kaymera provides safe devices with strong encryption and a coated cyber defense approach. The company also enables its clients to leverage real-time monitoring through the it’s Cyber Command Center and a natural smartphone experience.

The communication channels like messaging, data and voice are encrypted, delivering clients with the maximum level of privacy.

POND mobile’s CSMO, Igor Kamenetsky, said that the firm is delighted to be working with Kaymera and their existing and new customers. With POND’s global phone tariff and Kaymera’s security software, customers can easily access a secure connection worldwide.

Kaymera Technologies’ CEO, Oshri Asher, said that an ideal partnership is where customers can be benefitted the most. The cooperation with POND mobile is an ideal product match given the business point of view and will offer immense value to the customers.

Asher added that the international roaming solutions offered by POND complete Kaymera’s encrypted phones most organically while building a secure and complete communication experience as far as privacy is concerned for customers all over the globe.

Source Credit - https://martechseries.com/mobile/pond-mobile-partners-with-kaymera-technologies/

By Shreya Bhute

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