PinkTech unveils Digital Sanitization Audit System to detect virus

Recently, PinkTech Designs, an IT Innovation firm, announced the launch of Digital Sanitization Audit System (DSAS), backed by the Government of India. As per credible reports, the system allows a user to detect whether the individual’s hands are really clean and germ free or not.

The system, ideated by Meer, an 8-year old student, with help of his doctor father, Dr. Kanav Kahol, and a sister, is an innovative technology which helps in detecting if the user is following the hygiene protocols or not.

The innovation is supported by BIRAC, Department of Biotech, GoI with funding of Rs. 50 lac, in partnership with NU Verse and has gained popularity to ensure the breakage of COVID chain.

It has been reported that the DSAS innovation consists of three major systems, AI/IoT based hand sanitization detection system, RFID Attendance system, and Sanitizer dispenser. Moreover, it has a cloud based sanitization audit where all the data and records are stored.

A significant merit associated with this system is that it can be integrated anywhere and everywhere due to its user friendly nature.

Commenting on the novel innovation, Dr. Kanav Kahol, CEO at DIVOC Health by PinkTech Designs quoted that the main impression behind DSAS realization was to get a signature of gases that are released out of the hands, to know if an individual has used enough sanitizer for it to be effective.

Dr. Kanav added that to detect the signature, the team has embedded gas sensors in the device and along with the help of NABL accreditation, the lab’s hygiene officers could accurately check whether the sample the team has been receiving are clean or not.

Besides, it was also mentioned that this innovation comes out to be the first of its kind noble technology that boasts of the ability to immediately detect cleanliness of hands. Apparently, through this initiative, the firm is planning to take the concept of DSAS to the global level.

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By Shreya Bhute

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