North Lincolnshire low-income families to receive food vouchers of £40

Families across North Lincolnshire, that are mostly in need of help, will reportedly receive support via food vouchers during winters from the council.

Food vouchers will be delivered to families with low income levels and who have children already receiving free school meals and care leavers.

£40 in vouchers will be sent to these families for each eligible child in December and a voucher of £40 further in March.

Moreover, a new grant will support people who may require some additional needs if circumstances change. This grant is likely to fulfill the short-term need for things like food and essential household items across North Lincolnshire.

Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, Cllr Rob Waltham, stated that the latest government funding would make a major difference to the most vulnerable group in region this winter. The government is also elated to support the low-income families during these tough times.

Waltham added that the government is very well aware of the economy moving fast as they recover from the pandemic, and there are many jobs available. However, there are still some challenges faced by the people. This scheme will help people support themselves and their families when it is required most by them.

The cabinet member for children and families, Cllr Julie Reed, quoted that the health and wellbeing of children is a top priority for the cabinet as a council and for parents across the region. Additionally, most of the money will be leveraged for supporting children.

Furthermore, the summer Government emergency grant scheme helped many people at the time of the actual need. The cabinet is ecstatic as they are capable of continuing this effort of offering support.

It has been speculated that with the support of local MPs Andrew Percy and Holly Mumby-Croft, the government has invested extraordinary amounts of money in supporting the communities. They will make sure that this latest grant supports the people most in need.

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By Shreya Bhute

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