Nokia & TWM complete world’s first 5G carrier aggregation trial

Nokia and Taiwan Mobile (TWM) have established the world's first NRCA (New Radio Carrier Aggregation) by merging spectrum in the 700MHz and 3500MHz bands. The trial in a 5G standalone (SA) network environment empowers TWM to provide market-leading 5G experiences to its customers with better connection and capacity.

Carrier Aggregation merges frequency bands for higher rates and greater coverage, resulting in increased network capacity and spectral efficiency in 5G networks.

According to sources, the trial was successfully performed on TWM's viable 5G network using Nokia's Air Scale 5G SA construction, which merged two spectrum bands, FDD (frequency division duplex) in 700MHz and TDD (time division duplex) in 3500MHz, which are extensively used in 5G networks throughout the world.

FDD is an inferior frequency band that improves cell-edge productivity by implementing a wider coverage area; TDD offers a larger bandwidth and capacity.

Combining these spectrum bands provides increased capacity and coverage for a variety of 5G deployment scenarios, including greater interior and outdoor coverage. In addition, MediaTek Inc. backed the trial by providing network performance testing equipment.

Nokia is TWM's exclusive 5G equipment supplier, with its latest AirScale Radio Access devices encompassing 5G RAN, 5G Core, and 5G IMS. The Finland-based company has had a constant collaboration with TMW, as it is assisting it on implementing its "Super 5G strategy," which focuses on sustainability and technological advancements.

Taiwan Mobile’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Technology Group, Tom Koh commented on the trial, stating that it is a critical step in achieving their 5G strategy and providing their subscribers with best-in-class 5G services.

By combining SA and NR CA, they can improve 5G user experience while also maximizing the use of their spectrum assets and 5G networks. In addition, TWM is thrilled with the relationship with Nokia as they try to promote deployment and establish a advanced 5G ecosystem.

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By Shreya Bhute

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