Nigeria’s Helium Health takes over Meddy to expand product portfolio

Helium Health, a Nigerian health tech startup, has recently announced the acquisition of Qatar-based doctor booking platform, Meddy for an undisclosed amount.

Following the acquisition, Meddy will help Helium Health overcome the specific areas the latter lacks in such as providing doctor booking platform along with telemedicine services and patient reviews and booking management.

The recent deal is rare as it unites Africa overlapping it with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) that are scarcely popular for being tech experts.

Haris Aghadi, CEO of the UAE-based doctor booking platform, accompanied by its COO Abed Alkarim Khattab will join the leadership team of Helium, as per the terms of the deal.

The two members will actively participate in the execution of Helium’s GCC strategy and operations.

Founded back in 2016 by Adegoke Olubusi, Tito Ovia, and Dimeji Sofowora, Helium Health has marked a major expansion move with the acquisition of Meddy. 

The company’s core product portfolio consists of electronic medical records (EMR) along with hospital management solutions provided in Africa.

Helium Health, since its establishment, evolved to integrate other services into its platform such as HeliumPay, HeliumCredit, HeliumDoc and other data analytics services.

Despite having an array of B2B offerings, Helium Health’s portfolio is devoid of services such as appointment bookings and telemedicine which are crucial consumer-facing products.

It also provides marketing solutions to hospitals helping them enhance online presence and ultimately gain traction. 

Adegoke Olubusi, CEO of Helium Health, claims that the acquisition of Meddy that allows patients to find the best doctors across the country is recognized as a ‘great deal’.

Helium Health serves across six African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Liberia, and Ghana. More than 7,000 medical experts and professionals from over 500 healthcare facilities provide care services to over 300,000 patients every month.

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By Shreya Bhute

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