Playvox secures $25Mn investment, acquires Agyle Time to enhance CRM


    Colombian startup, Playvox that uses new ways to monitor customer service has reportedly raised USD 25 million from American venture capital firm- Five Elms Capital. The startup has also announced the acquisition of Agyle Time- an Australia based provider of cloud- led, digital-first workforce management software for contact centers.  

    Established in the year 2012, Playvox has evolved as an international business and has notable clients like Dropbox, Electronic Arts, and Wish. The Workforce Optimization solution offered by the startup works as a layer to customer service center management tools like Salesforce Service Cloud and Zendesk, enabling the management to monitor digital channels and provide customer service agents with feedback that helps them improve productivity.   

    It is worth mentioning that, in 2020, the market demand for the Playvox solution witnessed an increase in active users by over 400% and new enterprise customers by 75%. Presently, the Latin American company serves more than 200 customers across 34 nations.

    Driven by the idea to give feedback to customer service representative constructively and positively, Oscar Giraldo, Co-Founder, and CEO of Playvox explains the working of its platform as a technology that works on the backend of the customer service system to monitor workforce to provide a favorable experience. However, the CRM solution focuses on email and chat interactions, instead of calls.

    Giraldo added that instead of using conventional QA customer service approach, the company uses data to train customer service agents using a learning management system that is integrated with the platform and carries coaching tools allowing customers to provide feedback to agents.

    In addition to the above, the purchase of Agyle Time combines both high-growth SaaS technology providers that specialize in transforming tools for the CRM-driven omnichannel contact center. Agyle Time offers cost-effective and unique cloud-based solutions that allow the contact center to forecast, plan, schedule, and track their workforces in real-time.

    Seemingly, when used along with Playvox solution, customers will gain access to an advanced, digital Workforce Optimization solution that is deployable in days or weeks. Notably, the acquisition integrated both the companies with a similar goal of providing a holistic customer service solution.

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By Shreya Bhute

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