Dada Group secures retail supplies in Shijiazhuang during COVID-19 crisis

One of China’s leading local retail and delivery platforms- Dada Group has announced working closely with brands and retailers to offer contactless and safe on-demand delivery service in Shijiazhuang, in an attempt to struggle with the latest COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, thousands of Dada Now riders in the area have reported working rigorously to ensure constant and stable supply of regular necessities to residents.

As per a recent coverage, in compliance with the regulations of the local governments, Shijiazhuang’s supermarkets deferred offline, or brick and mortar operations and moved to online business, which deals with taking only online orders and offering contactless delivery, to make sure that people are offered daily necessities while being at home.

Speaking on the government validation, it has been reported that Dada Group, along with JDDJ, has secured its position in the Chinese market to play a key role in ensuring daily supply and safe delivery across the areas of Shijiazhuang.

Likewise, in January, JDDJ had announced collaborating with about 20 supermarket chains in the region, including CR Vanguard, Ole, Beiguo Supermarket, and Yonghui Supermarket, as well as prominent pharmacies, to guarantee daily supplies of living items and products.

Moreover, Dada Group announced that JDDJ and Dada Now would remain open and operable during the Chinese New Year in February. Officials also released statements citing that the two platforms would maintain immense safety measures to ensure quick and stable services for its people. 

In line with this, the company has also unveiled emergency measures, launched a green channel for delivery riders to appeal abnormal situations, and pushed ahead the delivery time. This apart, Dada Now has also revealed its contactless delivery service and rider’s health code verification, while arranging for secondary nucleic acid testing for riders and providing them with masks, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention kits to assure their safety against the ongoing health crisis.

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By Shreya Bhute

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