LG Innotek designs compact digital car key module for improved security

Electric component enterprise of LG Group, LG Innotek has recently announced developing a compact digital car key module highlighting enhanced accuracy of location recognition and security technology which can, to a much larger extent, prevent hacking by restricting the manipulation of communication between smartphones or potential interference with radio waves.

Reports have it that the mass-production of digital keys is expected to commence in 2022. The novel innovation would allow consumers to easily and more confidently make use of mobile devices to access vehicles. For security, the digital key technology makes use of low-energy Bluetooth connection and near field communication to better communicate with the vehicle.

As per official reports, LG Innotek’s digital key module is capable of locating smartphones more accurately than before by making use of ultra-wideband technology and its own algorithm. Moreover, with its module, users can now, in advance, open only the driver’s car door and automatically start the engine.

In line with this, the novel innovation offers a customized driving environment. It would be noteworthy to mention that the company is currently targeting global auto companies, as it follows the standards set by the CCC (Car Connectivity Consortium), which works on a digital key standard for mobile device to vehicle connectivity.

In a statement released by the company, Ryu In-soo, Head of LG Innotek’s car parts business, cited that it would now be possible to deploy vivid mobility services that look toward increasing customer value by making use of digital key modules. He added that given to its compactness, the key module designed by LG Innotek can be mounted anywhere outside or inside the vehicle.

Likewise, Hyundai has also recently announced developing a digital key technology which allows drivers to get access, start, operate, and take control of cars with smartphones. Besides, Hyundai’s innovation allows car owners to share digital key to share it with up to four people.

Authenticated joint users can move it to their smartphone application. However, owners can also take control of certain functions.

Source Credit: https://www.ajudaily.com/view/20210125100107919

By Shreya Bhute

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