Samsung unveils latest innovations in AI and robotics at CES 2021

Standing at par with the ongoing technological trend, one of the leading electronics brand- Samsung Electronics has recently unveiled its latest innovation in upgraded robots, and AI-based solutions at online conference of CES 2021, under the theme ‘Better Normal for All’.

Reports have it that the company launched its AI-powered vacuum cleaner called the JetBot 90 AI+ which has been potentially integrated with Intel’s Movidius AI solution. As per company officials, the newly discovered product makes use of 3D sensors and LiDAR to restrict objects while cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Along with this, the company has also revealed SmartThings Pet, a companion animal care service which allows people to monitor their pets remotely via the company’s IoT platform. It would be essential to note that the company has laid down its plans of introducing both, the pet care services and JetBot 90 AI+ vacuum cleaner in the United States and South Korea in the first of the year.

List of other products and innovations introduced in the online event include:

  • Samsung Bot handy– A robot that allows users to pick up objects after analyzing their weights, shapes, and sizes via use of advanced AI technology. This novel innovation is said to have massive applications in helping in household chores or setting tables at the restaurant.
  • Samsung Health Smart Trainer– This upgraded service for smart TVs offers home training content. Its Smart Trainer feature makes use of USB camera connected with TV, detecting calories burned, and providing feedback on form.
  • Bespoke 4Door Flex refrigerator- Anticipated to be available in the economies of North America, the new 4-door model is a customizable fridge equipped with water dispenser, a 110-inch Micro LED TV, and a Dual Auto Ice Maker which produces not only regular ice but also smaller ice bites to cater to different preferences for cold beverages.

Speaking in the press conference, Sebastian Seung, Head of Samsung Research, cited that the company’s innovations are designed to deliver more personalized and intuitive experiences that express the personality of an individual. The firm is rigorously working towards bringing to its customers, next-gen innovations, with AI as the core enables, for a better future.

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By Shreya Bhute

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