Ribometrix, Genetech partner to develop RNA-targeted therapeutics

Ribometrix Inc., a company that specializes in developing small molecule therapeutics has reportedly entered a joint venture agreement with an American biotechnology corporation, Genetech Inc. to identify, discover and commercialize innovative small molecule drug therapies against various RNA targets.

Sources aware of the development stated that during this collaboration, Ribometrix will leverage its proprietary discovery platform to develop as well as to optimize small molecule compounds that control RNA functionalities by targeting 3D RNA structures.

As per the agreement, Genetech will pay Ribometrix USD 25 million upfront and in return will acquire exclusive rights to various predefined targets including a worldwide license for production and commercialization of molecules. Ribometrix is also entitled to potential milestone reimbursements exceeding USD 1 billion.

For those unfamiliar, Ribometrix specializes in applying its RNA structural expertise as well as analytical capabilities to create a large landscape of RNA, involving various types of disease processes, which are accessible to small molecule therapeutics.

The company’s platform employs multiple specialized technologies such as an advanced structural analytic capability, to discover 3D motifs in RNA molecules and subsequently develop small molecule candidates that combine these motifs to develop a potential therapeutic effect.

CEO at Ribometrix, Micheal Solomon, Ph.D., was reported saying that the partnership will allow the company’s leading RNA therapeutics to scale globally using Genetech’s vast reach and broad expertise to boost the development of this innovative type of medicines.

About Ribometrix Inc.

Headquartered in North Carolina, Ribometrix is a leading biotechnology company that specializes in developing a completely new class of small molecule therapeutics that target and control the function of RNA to treat human diseases.

The company leverages its expertise in 3D structural assessment of RNA to drive its discovery platform for discovering novel small molecules that control RNA functionalities as well as proteins associated with human disease.

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