Microsoft unveils new features for empowering the frontline workers

Microsoft recently launched new product features as the company witnessed a 400% growth in Microsoft Teams per month, driven by frontline workers during the pandemic

Microsoft Corp. recently issued an index report on work trends enlightening the key role played by the technology in offering a better future for frontline workers and introduced new features to the Microsoft Teams as well as Microsoft Viva, catering to millions of frontline workers.

Imperative to note that the global community of 2 billion frontline workers add up to 80% of the workforce worldwide, with 88% of organizations offering employment opportunities across frontline operations.

Meanwhile, companies are extensively adopting digital tools to aid frontline workers improve job performance, modernize workflows, improve communication and strengthen workplace culture.

Reportedly, the American technology giant noted 400% growth in monthly active engagement by frontline workers across its Teams collaboration platform since March 2020.

Essentially, the Work Trend Index report unfolds key aspects affecting practically every segment within the workforce.

Key insights highlighted by the report promote significance of a culture of caring on the frontline, stress upon the fact that frontline workers are at an inflection point, reveal that optimism for tech is high, and lastly ensure opportunity in bridging the tech and training gap.

It has been claimed that 76% of workers believe strong bonds have been developed through technology, more than 60% urge for prioritizing culture and communication throughout the hierarchy, and 51% of employees in non-management roles on the frontline feel underappreciated.

Moreover, a significant turnover has been observed as better pay and benefits, flexibility and work-life balance encourage frontline workers towards a job change.

Further, 63% of frontline workers are hopeful that the technology revolution will broaden job opportunities making tech the third most potential factor capable of reducing workplace stress.

Microsoft is empowering frontline workers in Teams and Viva with its employee experience platform deployed in early 2021.

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By Shreya Bhute

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