Meta mandates booster shots for workers; delays office reopening

Facebook parent Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, Inc., a multinational technology conglomerate, has reportedly delayed its reopening date for the office in the U.S. and has mandated the COVID-19 booster shots for its employees before returning to the office.

It has been reported that Facebook was earlier planning to open the office on January 31; however, the date was delayed to March 28.

The tech behemoth has joined the list of various companies’ remodeling plans of reopening offices as the cases of Omicron surged and recorded the unexpected levels in the recent days.

The employees are offered to choose if they wish to return to the office, request to work from home temporarily or work remotely full time until March 14.

All employees returning to the office will have to show proof of taking their booster jabs while the company meticulously monitors the Omicron variant situation. At present, Meta wants all the employees returning to the U.S. offices to be vaccinated against the COVID-19.

According to a company spokesperson, employees who are not vaccinated due to religious or medical conditions can request working remotely. Employees who do not take any action may face disciplinary measures, including termination. This would be the last option, quoted the spokesperson.

Corporate America has delayed the plans of returning to the office and doubled down the vaccination mandates as the new variant Omicron propels the level of infection to record a new high across the country.

Recently, a credible source stated that the U.S. staff who have not taken vaccines against the COVID-19 till January 14 will be sent on unpaid leave and be fired until the end of the month except getting an exemption. 

Moreover, the parent company of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp had presented an option to defer returning to the office as well.

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By Shreya Bhute

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