McAfee, Telstra to offer more security solutions to Aussie customers

McAfee Corp., a cyber security service provider, has recently announced that it has entered a multi-year collaboration with Telstra, an Australian telecommunications company, to offer overall protection for safeguarding the identity and privacy of customers across activities, devices, and locations.

The collaboration will offer novel and existing Telstra customers easy access to McAfee's important security solutions for delivering all-inclusive security and privacy protection via its integrated set of services.

These services include Antivirus, Identity Protection, Secure VPN, Parental Controls, and more for protecting and securing multiple devices, including PCs, mobiles, and laptops.

Pedro Gutierrez, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Operations at McAfee, said that a recent study conducted at McAfee found that 27% of Australians have undergone account theft, and 23% have suffered financial account information leaks.

As the proliferation of online hastens, the firm is keen on collaborating with Telstra, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and customers by investing in new infrastructure and technologies that preserve their mobile and broadband subscribers.

McAfee's incorporated consumer security platform provides a broad range of mobile security solutions to safeguard customers' privacy and identity while preventing malware, spyware, viruses and ransomware attacks.

This collaboration will allow Telstra's customers to benefit from these capabilities and prevent themselves from added threats like identity theft, potential hacks, and broader gaps in mobile and online security so that they can live life online confidently.

While commenting on the move, Matthew O'Brien, Cyber Security Executive and Group Owner at Telstra, said that the threat of cyber risk continues to grow in the constantly rising connected world.

For dealing with such threats, Telstra is committed to offering customers the safety and security features required to be protected online.

The collaboration with McAfee will help drive the mission of building a secure and safe connected future where consumers can nourish and complement the T25 ambition of Telstra for extending its network leadership position by offering greater value to customers.

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By Shreya Bhute

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