Maersk signs deal to secure green e-methanol for container vessel

The green fuel will be used to power Maersk’s first carbon-neutral container vessel by mid-2023

Maersk, a Danish unified shipping company active in inland freight transportation & ocean and associated services, has picked REintegrate, a division of the Danish renewable energy organization European Energy, as one of its partners for producing green fuel for its first vessel to run on carbon-neutral methanol.

As per sources, European Energy and REintegrate will create a new Danish plant for producing carbon-neutral e-methanol of approximately 10,000 tonnes, which will be used by Maersk's first vessel to operate on green e-methanol annually. Maersk will work closely with Reintegrate and European Energy for developing this facility.

The e-methanol will be produced at the methanol plant using renewable energy and biogenic CO2. Energy required for the production of power-to-methanol (PtMeOH) will be delivered by a solar farm in Kasso, Southern Denmark. The production of the fuel is planned to begin in 2023.

Reintegrate’s test laboratory in Aalborg has a track record of generating green e-methanol. The new facility will be the company's third e-methanol facility. Apart from this, they are also building an e-methanol factory in Skive, which will begin operations in 2022.

While renewable energy will be produced in Southern Jutland, the location of the power-to-methanol facility in Denmark has yet to be finalized.

In February 2021, Maersk revealed the industry's first dual-fuel vessel and in June, it announced that Hyundai Mipo Dockyards would build the 2100 TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent) feeder.

The first methanol feeder in the world will be 172 meters long and join Maersk's fleet in mid-2023. It will travel the Baltic maritime route between Northern Europe and the Bay of Bothnia under the Sealand Europe network, a Maersk subsidiary, with a Danish flag flowing on it.

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