KVG and Al Rayes Group collaborate for Kenaf plantation expansion

Kenaf Venture Global (KVG), the leading kenaf planters and producers in Malaysia, while taking the lead for promoting sustainability with the help of kenaf, has reportedly entered into a partnership with Al Rayes Group via an inked MoU (Memorandum of Understanding).

KVG was represented by Jazman Shahar Abdollah, its Group CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Irfan Hadi Jazman Shahar, Group Executive Director. In contrast, Sheikh Ahmed Al Rayes, Chairman, represented the Al Rayes Group.

KVG Group CEO, Jazman Shahar, said that KVG Group is pleased to collaborate with Al Rayes Group to foster sustainability via land acquisition for the kenaf processing line and plantation. This partnership signifies a step taken for building a global partnership in this direction.

Under this collaboration, KVG will be exploring the kenaf plantation expansion to regions globally.

The collaboration will also support the expansion of land with several investments and technical assistance for investments.

With this partnership, Al Rayes Group will be able to work along with KVG in kenaf expansion worldwide.

Jazman Shahar further added that the firm is keen on reaching out to people all over the globe and sharing the prospect of life quality augmentation through job offerings. Local talents will be required to nurture the newly established plantation and kenaf processing line to develop kenaf plantations.

It is also an approach for moving towards the Industrial Revolution in agriculture as the kenaf cultivation and processing by KVG includes the technology advancements.

KVG is gradually moving towards decarbonization and is keen on working with possible stakeholders for realizing the goals. The KVG has signed an MoU with the UN (United Nations) under United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) to foster sustainability and move towards decarbonization.

Source Credit - https://www.zawya.com/en/press-release/companies-news/kvg-partners-with-al-rayes-group-for-kenaf-plantation-expansion-qz6r7lnf

By Shreya Bhute

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