Instagram rolls out new features, extends Reels duration to 90 secs

Instagram, the photo-sharing platform, has reportedly launched new features, including the extension of the time of Reels by up to 90-second in order to enable creators to engage more with their audiences.

The Meta-owned platform has announced that Reels will now be extended to 90 seconds, allowing individuals to reveal their true selves on the platform.

For those unaware, this extension comes on the heels of TikTok's foray into YouTube territory, with video clips that can now last up to 10 minutes instead of the previous 3 minutes.

In a blog post, the firm stated that creators will have more time to reveal more about themselves, record more behind-the-scenes films, dig deeper into the complexities of their material, or whatever else they want to do with that extra time.

It is worth mentioning here that users may now also integrate their own music directly into Instagram Reels for a better experience.

Users can use the import audio option to add commentary or background noise to any video on their camera roll that is at least five seconds long. Instagram also stated that users should like their own voices because they may be used in other people's reels.

The new feature allows creators to poll their audience about what should happen in their next video, allowing them to help influence the storyline.

The firm plans to keep investing in such innovative methods for its user to engage with their audience and amuse them on Reels. Instagram seems eager to see how creatively these tools are being used.

Moreover, Instagram has launched Templates, which allows users to quickly make a reel by copying one from another. It pre-loads the audio and clip placeholders, leaving users with only the task of adding and trimming their own clips.

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By Shreya Bhute

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