Hitachi High-Tech announces advanced high-tech production unit in Shanghai

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, a Hitachi High-Tech Group subsidiary, has reportedly launched a new high-tech manufacturing facility in the Shanghai state of China.

The state-of-the-art facility which boasts of 4,118 m2 land, stands strong on Laigangxin Bay Technology Innovation Park, in Minhang District. Apparently, the facility has been potentially designed to support a robust growth in the development and production of high-tech analysis equipment, to cater to the burgeoning demand globally.

It has been claimed that the new site incorporates the company’s two existing Shanghai locations into one single facility. As the company’s China HQ, it is looking forward to supporting an exquisite demand for analytical equipment from a thriving Chinese industrial sector, while simultaneously supplying thousands of global companies with advanced quality control solutions.

Most importantly, the new Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science China unit employs over 100 specialists involved in the production, development, and sales of the company’s high-tech portable and benchtop X-ray fluorescence and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy equipment.

The equipment is essential for production and end-product quality control as well as compliance and safety assurance applications in about hundreds of industries worldwide.

Commenting on the recent accomplishment, MD at Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, Dawn Brooks cited that as the industrial production is picking up pace globally, the company’s clients are focusing more on optimizing their efficiency and quality control processes through the use of smart application of data and analytics.

Dawn further mentioned that businesses are returning leaners and more focused on cutting down the wastage and optimizing throughput, while also looking forward to achieving the highest levels of quality required for current high-performance goods and materials.

Given these conditions, Hitachi High-Tech Group is now applying this smart factory methodology to its own product and with its new Shanghai facility, the firm is perfectly placed to support its customers on their growth journey.

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By Shreya Bhute

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