GROW.HOUSE develops NFT game that allows users to grow digital cannabis

The company will be introducing its initial Dex Offering on June 1, 2021, with dual listings on 0.Exchange

U.S.-based GROW.HOUSE has announced the launch of its first online metaverse for all cryptocurrency and cannabis enthusiasts. The game has gained recognition since its launch as it features a unique virtual reality scheme.

A decentralized cannabis NFT game, GROW.HOUSE is slated to introduce its Initial Dex Offering on June 1, 2021, with a dual listing on Pancakeswap, BSCPad, and via ZeroGravity launchpad extended at 0.Exchange.  

Notably, some of the leading investors and partners in the Miami-based company include Souljaboy, Aave, Spectre, IDO Booster, Founder of Tether, Hypercube, Polygon, Weedhumor, Dextools, 0.Exchange, Capital6 Eagle, and Juicy Fields, to name a few.     

For the record, GROW.HOUSE was formed by industry veterans in the cannabis and blockchain space, inspired by the future where users can learn, play, and earn in the virtual world. It is developed on Polygon/Matic, which has resolved Ethereum’s problems with cost and speed. Moreover, the platform was under development for nearly a year.

Similar to the popular Farmville game, GROW.HOUSE allows players to grow digital cannabis, collect NFTs, earn $GROW tokens and learn about yield-farming. This novel game has been made for wide consumer adoption, taking social gaming features from Farmville and integrating them with the aspects of yield farming to offer Defi to users in a fun way.

Elaborating further on the features of GROW.HOUSE, gamers can plant NFT cannabis flowers, gain $GROW tokens in return, and use the in-game assets to beautify the farms. Additionally, users can plant crypto in the yield farms, where they can gain yield rewards and choose to work alone or in pairs and do their part to survive, play, and GROW in the Cannaverse world.

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