Google may offer limited space for storing WhatsApp chat backups

One of the most used messaging apps globally, WhatsApp is generally known to allow users to save their chat backups on Google Drive. At present, Google provides unlimited space for storing these chat backups. However, this is about to change as Google has notified recently that it may offer restricted space for users for storing chat backups for WhatsApp.

Apparently, the search engine giant plans to offer a limited storage space feature for WhatsApp backup wherein users will be provided a capped space on the cloud storage service. Consequently, Google Drive will alert users as soon as the Drive space is almost full or close to running out of the allocated data storage space.

Moreover, the report states that Google will offer a precise storage space limit to Android users for storing the backup for free. At present, there is no feature as limited storage plan offered by the tech giant for its Android users.

Incidentally, this feature was earlier reported back in October 2021. At that time, reports suggested that the instant messaging application was bringing up a new feature termed Manage Backup Size, which will show the storage space used by WhatsApp chat backups.

Under this feature, users could switch buttons to dismiss explicit file types, including documents, photos, audio, videos, and more from Google Drive chat backups.

However, it was not clear earlier why the instant messaging service would be providing a feature for managing chat backups when there is unlimited space to store them on Google Drive.

Considering the recent findings from the reports, it is said that Google will no longer offer unlimited space on Google Drive for storing chat backups. An official announcement from WhatsApp or Google is awaited for the same.

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By Shreya Bhute

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