Google announces improved Gmail search experience for Android users

  • The Google app was also updated to allow users to enable or disable the personalized results.
  • The tech giant also introduced new features to enhance visibility for Google Meet participants.

Google LLC has announced an updated Gmail search filter for Android users to narrow down on search results. The feature will be available to all G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, and Google Workspace customers.

This will enable users to filter email and search results with ease, especially just using a colleague name or a specific timeframe. If searching for emails based on sender, users will be able to choose from a recommended list or search for emails from multiple senders.

The newly updated Gmail search filters should be available to all Android users by the end of October. Apart from this, the tech giant has also rolled out new features on Google Meet, including enhanced visibility for participants.

For the record, Google previously unveiled a low-light mode for Meet on mobile which uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust a user’s video to make them more visible if their surroundings are dark. On the web, for instance, Google Meet can detect when a user is not visible and automatically improves the brightness to enhance their visibility.

The tech giant also introduced a new feature that enables admins to allow participants to present Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Docs directly to Google Meet. Admins can turn this feature on or off with another new setting.

The Google app was also updated to allow users to enable or disable the personalized results feature. The app will now show personalized search results using search history, location, reservation, and reminders.

Users can also back out of the feature by disabling it from Settings.

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