Fluttr adds biometric ID tech to ensure no more ‘Tinder Swindlers’

The dating app aims to enhance user safety and prevent platform losses of $135.4 million to frauds and fake profiles

British dating platform, Fluttr is on a mission to eliminate the Tinder Swindler-style dating fraud, which has already cost $135.4 million last year, by integrating a mandatory biometric ID verification step to be completed by all members before mingling digitally.

Fluttr, with its claims to emerge as the first UK-based online dating app to use biometric technology for ensuring user safety, is leveraging the occasion of Valentine’s Day for its launch, hoping for a grand response from singletons pursuing a change in relationship status.

Recently released Netflix documentary ‘The Tinder Swindler’, shed light on a major concern that is romance fraud, including catfishing and fake profiles while covering the story of a man who used online dating app as a means to scam women for millions.

Reportedly, the peak of pandemic boosted online dating as it was the only socializing alternative left, rendering a dramatic rise in scams last year, costing the defrauded $124.6 million in the UK.

Rhonda Alexander, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Fluttr, quoted that the platform aims to eradicate the world of all Tinder Swindlers and establish a safer environment free from fake identities used to catfish or abuse online daters.

She added that Fluttr is reintroducing the fun of online dating minus the deceitfulness by using digital ID verification coupled with AI technology to create a secure space for people where they can simply connect with others or even find a companion in this digitally driven world.

According to Action Fraud, a cybercrime and fraud reporting centre in UK, 8,863 cases of digital fraud were registered to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) from Nov 2020 to Oct 2021, noting a 27% surge from 6,968 cases in the earlier year.

Imperative to note that the NFIB reports cases based on simple acts of treachery as well as thoroughly schemed scamming operations consisting of fake video calls, hoax websites and more.

Source Credit: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/feb/13/uk-dating-app-fluttr-aims-to-beat-the-tinder-swindlers-with-biometric-id

By Shreya Bhute

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