Flipkart unveils digital learning academy to upskill students

Flipkart, a major player in the Indian ecommerce sector, is launching a digital learning academy to train students each year. The SCOA (Supply Chain Operations Academy) is one of the ambitious projects and commitments of Flipkart to offer relevant industry training and knowledge to assist build a pool of capable supply chain operations talent in the country.

This will additionally bridge the gap of skill and create multiple job opportunities in the fastest-growing supply chain industry in India.

The robust and specialized training program under SCOA has been created and designed by the Flipkart team to offer complete training and experience to candidates, which will be involved in the 15 days of digital classroom training and on-the-job training of 45 days at Flipkart supply chain units.

The program has been intended to convey knowledge on multiple facets of the e-commerce supply chain within the roles in the supply chain, soft skills, safety and compliance know-how. It includes a 60-days skilling program that will enable the youth to build careers in multiple supply chain management domains and authorize them to raise their employability.

Hemant Badri, Senior Vice President and Head of Supply Chain, Flipkart, said that India could open up its capability through large-scale skilling and upskilling initiatives for reaping the benefits of its demographic dividend.

With one of the most technologically advanced contemporary supply chains in the country, there is a pressing need to close the skills gap in the sector, which Flipkart hopes to address with the Supply Chain Operations Academy.

The academy will provide a well-balanced combination of online and on-the-job training for the workforce's overall growth.

Flipkart's Learning Management System would provide skills to students. It is an online learning platform where students may acquire various skills through courses created by renowned industry experts.

Furthermore, Flipkart has taught thousands of its supply chain personnel around the country in collaboration with various government agencies over the years, allowing them to upskill and advance in their careers.

Source Credit - https://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/flipkart-launches-skill-building-academy-for-e-commerce-logistics-sector-121102100995_1.html

By Shreya Bhute

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