Expolanka seizes U.S logistics firms to expand operations out of JFK

  • The transaction deal has been finalized for USD 2.2 million for all the three firms
  • Expolanka unveiled its new JKF office in December 2020

Expolanka Holdings’ wholly owned subsidiary, EFL Global LLC has recently made it to the headlines for its 100% stake acquisition in three U.S-based logistics companies- Seville Transfer Ltd., Seville Container Freight Station, Inc., and Seville Freight Systems Inc., for an overall transaction of USD 2.2 million.

Apparently, this deal is likely to expand the company’s logistics operations out of New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport.

As per reliable reports, Seville stands to be a Bonded Container Freight Station and a Bonded Trucking company situated in the strategically vital John F. Kennedy Airport in the U.S. Moreover, reports have it that Expolanka had in December last year, launched its new JFK office and facility in a grand inaugural event.

Expolanka, in a report, mentioned that the inclusion of three firms emerge as a crucial addition to its bonded warehouse, transportation, and storage capabilities out of the JFK International Airport. Moreover, the acquisition is expected to allow the team and their company to provide even more space and solutions to its customers, an end-to-end service prospect based out of the highly demanded JFK. The firm also put forth affirmations that it would continue to expand its logistics capabilities in the Americas in the years ahead.

In 2020, Expolanka declared that investment in the United States had started to generate desired outcomes under its consistent strategy adopted with focused initiatives.

For the record, Expolanka boasts of a footprint in nearly 23 countries, offering trade connectivity across almost all major global trade routes through over 60 origin stations enabling consumer markets in Europe and the US to connect to manufacturing centers in Africa, Middle-Eastern, and Asian regions. In fact, new origin stations have been set in Denmark and Belgium, as part of the European expansion strategy.

Source Credit: http://www.dailymirror.lk/business-news/Expolanka-acquires-three-US-logistics-firms-for-US-2-2mn/273-207725

By Shreya Bhute

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