Enlight and Sungrow sign a deal in Israel's energy storage market

Sungrow, the world's most bankable inverter brand and Enlight Renewable Energy, a leading renewable energy company and IPP with operations globally across Europe, US and Israel, have recently announced inking a mutual agreement where Sungrow will be delivering Enlight with 430 MWh of its flagship liquid-cooled ESS (energy storage system).

The contract is said to be one of the largest ESS agreements signed till date in Israel, strengthening the country's energy transition and earmarking a huge scale-up for installing the newly introduced system.

Last year, the Israeli government unveiled its objective of generating 30 percent of its electricity requirements by 2030 through renewables. Solar PV is predicted to back most of it, equivalent to 26 percent of renewable electricity of Israel in 2030, signifying 12 GW to 15 GW of novel PV installations in the coming 10 years.

Currently, Israel is developing an advanced solar-plus-storage system that ensures a stable and reliable electricity grid for reaching a higher percentage of solar usage.

Sungrow will be supplying 430 MWh of its newest 4-hour liquid-cooled ESS, a mixture of a contracted 230 MWh for stage 1 and a locked 200 MWh battery for stage 2, which empowers safety, flexibility and profitability.

As per sources, Sungrow's ESS capital and operating expenses have been reduced due to pre-assembly, easy on-site installation, and a more effective cell working environment, which substantially reduces the capacity loss. The battery rack can be completely charged and discharged with the help of a modular DC/DC converter.

Additionally, the system is optimized with safety performance owing to its standout anti-leakage design and an integrated aerosol firefighting system. Along with the solar system, the extremely unified ESS can be used broadly in several applications, including energy shifting, ancillary service, like reactive power provision, ramp rate control, and more.

Source Credit - https://www.prnewswire.com/il/news-releases/enlight-and-sungrow-have-signed-an-agreement-to-supply-430-mwh-energy-storage-system-in-israel-in-one-of-the-largest-storage-projects-to-be-installed-301452130.html

By Shreya Bhute

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