Dubber introduces Dubber Foundation Partner Program and Dubber Go

The program is expected to support service and solutions providers to enable first-call recording from within their services, applications, and networks

Melbourne-based cloud call recording software, Dubber Corporation Ltd. (Dubber), has reportedly launched the world-first partner program for solutions and services providers- Dubber Foundation Partner Program and Dubber Go.

Apparently, the programs have been designed specifically for the providers to allow cloud-first call recording from within their services, networks, and applications.

It has been reported that Cisco is the first global Foundation Partner, which means that any Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Webex Calling and Cloud user can utilize Dubber voice recording at no additional cost. The service would be instantly accessible directly from Webex Control Hub.

Moreover, the latest announcement highlighted that Dubber is now available as a standard feature for 100% of Solutions and Services Providers customer base; offers ‘Foundation’ revenue which is accretive without negotiating the true value of standard product offerings; and the firm’s ability to market and upsell directly to customer from a position of 100% penetration.

Commenting on the program launch, CEO of Dubber, Steve McGovern cited that the new Foundation Program emerges out as a fundamental component of its plans to put AI on every communications application and device. This, undeniably, allows the company to bring the benefits of call recording to 100% of a solution and service provider’s consumer base, providing the opportunity for retaining the true value of Dubber product offerings and accretive revenue.

Steve added that with the ability to directly, and jointly, introduce customers to the benefits of unified call recording, Dubber is significantly looking forward to enhancing the commercial outcomes.

Meanwhile, Dubber COO, James Slaney mentioned that the Foundation Partner program is likely to generate new revenue streams which could be worth many hundreds of millions of dollars.

Source Credit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dubber-launches-world-first-partner-program-exclusively-for-service--solution-providers-301304640.html

By Shreya Bhute

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