Deloitte acquires cybersecurity firms Sentek Global and TransientX

Deloitte, a multinational professional services company, has recently acquired TransientX and Sentek Global with plans to enhance its secure networking and cyber remediation product offerings. According to Deloitte, the deals, whose terms were not announced, would add Sentek and TransientX staff and technologies to its existing capabilities, services, and solutions.

Cyber risks are on the rise in the US. Apparently, federal agencies have reported 13,107 cybersecurity incidents in 2018, and the US government accounted for 5.6 per cent of data breaches and 2.1 per cent of all exposed records in 2019.

Meanwhile, organizations are updating their infrastructures to deal with shifting business models and IT ecosystems. Typically, they're moving away from perimeter-centric approaches and towards a risk-based, zero-trust approach that enforces the principle of least privilege.

The purchase of Sentek by Deloitte is in response to the first trend, i.e. increasing government cyberattacks. Sentek, a system engineering and cybersecurity organization headquartered in San Diego, California, provides cybersecurity, programme management, and integrated logistics services to anonymous customers in the security, defense, and justice sectors.

According to Mike Canning, U.S. government and public services industry leader and principal at Deloitte, the acquisition will help Deloitte expand its footprint in San Diego, assisting its "mission-focused" offerings to military branches and federal agencies.

Eric Basu, Sentek CEO and founder, commented in a press release that Deloitte and Sentek Global share many common goals, out of which one is to deliver high-quality services and solutions to government agencies that serve the country.

They are joining Deloitte to help government clients to handle complex systems engineering and cybersecurity challenges and scale services to the security, military, and justice sector.

As per reports, this is Deloitte's fourth cyber purchase in 2021, following CloudQuest, Root9B, and risk management firm Terbium Labs.

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By Shreya Bhute

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