Canadian university to offer virtual assistance to war hit Ukraine

Amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, Canada based McGill University has launched an initiative in which they have developed a range of online medical educational videos for Ukrainians to cater to those who have been wounded during the Russian invasion.  

Tarek Razek, Head of Trauma Surgery at McGill University, stated that the health care workers in Ukraine have been facing complex and unimaginable stressful situation like damaged healthcare facilities and shortage of medical supplies. The university has uploaded videos to help in treatment of a sharp wound, intubation, or resuscitation.

Tarek mentioned that the conflict has taken such a serious turn that almost all the health workers, and not just emergency room nurses and doctors, are being summoned to treat the injured.

Dan Deckelbaum, Director of center, claimed that the Canadian doctors in collaboration with the university’s Steinberg Center for Simulation and Interactive Learning have made videos educating people on how to provide basic life support and certain lifesaving procedures to patients that can be done without the non-surgeons.

Apparently, the length of each video providing these lessons is just a few minutes and were shot in a simulated operating room in Montreal demonstrating how they can resuscitate a patient in Ukrainian narration.

McGill, via its Centre for Global Surgery, has already partnered with Ukraine on medical training and trauma research in the previous decade.

Junko Tokuno, Surgeon from Japan, has been creating open and free training modules at McGill based on management of trauma for healthcare workers in low-to-middle income countries.

Meanwhile, Tamara Carver, Head of E-learning health at McGill, mentioned that with help of the team, the equipment available at fingertips and the know-how, they were able to make videos and deliver them in just 24 hours.

Meanwhile, reports by the UN state that the war has killed at least 474 civilians along with injuring 861, but they believe that the real figures are assumed to be relatively high.

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By Shreya Bhute

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