Brane signs crypto climate accord to reach net zero emissions by 2030

Brane Inc., a Canadian fintech company focused on blockchain technology & digital asset custody, has successfully become the first of its kind company to participate in the Crypto Climate Accord as it pledges to achieve net-zero emissions from electricity by 2030.

The Crypto Climate Accord is a private-sector-led project influenced by the Paris Climate Agreement that seeks to minimize the cryptocurrency sector's environmental footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Patrick McLaughlin, Brane's Founder, blockchain technology could be environmentally friendly and contribute to the battle against climate change and other environment protection endeavors.

As the adoption of crypto assets increases, and everyone experiences the impact of climate change, such as wildfires, floods, and droughts, the race is on to assure clients, regulators, and the general public that blockchain and crypto can coexist with a healthy ecosystem.

Jesse Morris, CEO at Energy Web (the founding organization of the Accord), said that the crypto sector, like all others, has a compelling need to switch to renewable energy. With its dedication to minimizing and eliminating emissions, Brane has an opportunity to lead the crypto custody market in pursuit of a brighter future.

Additionally, by committing to net-zero emissions from electricity by 2030, Brane will be forming alliances with over 100 Accord supporters and signatories to enhance the environmental sustainability of crypto and blockchain.

Earlier, the signatories of Accord included DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc., an environmentally conscious Canadian blockchain and crypto firm that has revolutionized sustainable, non-polluting Bitcoin mining operations and has reportedly made a $3-million strategic investment in Brane.

As per the sources, Brane is currently evaluating its operations that are linked with greenhouse gas emissions and is seeking to become a carbon-neutral certified organization by the end of 2021.

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By Shreya Bhute

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