BLACKDOT teams up with Nodle as a Strategic Network Contributor

BLACKDOT is operating the Nodle SDK to monetize their application and offer services to its users without advertisements

Nodle, a decentralized IoT network, has announced partnering with BLACKDOT, a location-centric social networking cell phone app, to monetize their app as a Strategic Network Contributor.

As per credible sources, the BLACKDOT community, by operating the Nodle SDK in their Application and with the green signal from their users, anonymously and securely generates Nodle Cash.

Apparently, this would allow BLACKDOT to generate revenue and emphasize on creating a captivating experience for the community without harvesting or publicizing user data.

Amandeep Kaur, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, BLACKDOT, commented that the location-centric user experience of BLACKDOT, coupled with decentralized network capabilities of Nodle will assist the internet to create a future that the community wants to be a part of.

Garrett Kinsman, Co-Founder at Nodle, stated that trust and integrity are the core values on which Nodle is built and the team aims to provide nothing less than these features to its users.

Garrett mentioned that teaming up with Nodle Network denotes a systematic shift in app monetization. He added that earlier, the app developers relied on gathering user data or advertising to pay for development and servers. Today, Nodle has provided a privacy focused method to monetize, not advertise.

For the unversed, Nodle is a citizen-driven decentralized wireless network which provides low-cost, enterprise grade, safe connection for the Internet of Things, IoT. The network system typically uses Bluetooth and millions of mass citizen smartphones to develop a worldwide wireless network.

With the expansion and increasing relevance of Metaverse, BLACKDOT allows its users to create media content and explore the physical world in a certain way that would be impossible with the conventional networks. 

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By Shreya Bhute

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