Ataccama buys Tellstory to support ‘Ataccama ONE’ through data visualization

Toronto-based – Ataccama, a prominent developer of self-driving data management and governance system has reportedly acquired Tellstory- a unique data visualization startup that offers a unique, engaging, and visually appealing way to narrate data-driven stories.

For the record, the transaction advances the Canadian company’s vision of providing data teams and businesses the ability to develop a unique solution at high speed along with maintaining the trust, governance, and security of their data. It enhances the flagship platform- Ataccama ONE, completing the AI-based data management and governance fabric along with advanced data visualization capabilities.

Notably, the companies share a robust technical and cultural compatibility, along with the vision to democratize access to data and enhance data literacy across organizations. This compatibility was one of the integral factors in the decision to buy Tellstory. This will also allow further development of Tellstory as a key part of the Ataccama ONE platform ensuring that Ataccama’s users enjoy the advantages of a unified, seamless solution experience.

According to David Lazar, UX Designer at Tellstory, the company solves the issues related to dashboards that are extremely useful for analysts with dynamic requirements but are difficult for readers who are less skilled to configure a BI tool, finding critical details of innovation, and interpret data. Additionally, it visualizes the data through data-based stories that are similar to the dynamic infographic.  

Lazar further mentioned that Tellstory offers data insights and data intelligence, highlighting and selecting the most interesting facts for their readers and recommend the most viable way to visualize them.

It is worth mentioning that, ONE Gen2 by Ataccama provides the users in the firm the ability to easily source, understand and use their data assets. Through embedded data profiling, data previews, and data quality analysis, users will be able to look into the data in order to understand if it is fit for the intended use, and if it may be trusted.  

Seemingly, Tellstory will be introduced as a multi-tenant tool in a free tier version available, coupled with the Ataccama ONE Gen2 GA set to release in March 2021. In the second half of the year, Tellstory will be combined with the current Ataccama ONE platform for a seamless customer experience.

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By Shreya Bhute

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