AMD unveils Radeon RX 6000M series mobile GPUs and ‘AMD Advantage’

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has reportedly announced the launch of Radeon RX 6000M line of mobile GPUs that features its advanced RDNA 2 architecture. The long-awaited release comprises three types of chips- namely, the RX 6600M that is configurable up to 100W, the RX 6700M up to 135W, and RX 6800M series which is configurable at 145W and above.

According to an official statement by the company, the flagship 6800M line offers the fastest AMD graphics for laptops to date, claiming that 6800M can run advanced AAA games at frame rates that are better than or equivalent to Nvidia’s mobile RTX 3080. It has also been designed to beat Nvidia’s chip technology while gaming in terms of battery.

The company claims that the RX 6700M will provide nearly 100fps at 1440p resolution. The 6600M mobile GPU range is suitable for 1080p gaming.

In addition to above, AMD has also introduced the ‘AMD Advantage’- a novel design framework effort that aims at encouraging OEMs to include particular features on their AMD-backed systems, along with suggesting consumers which Radeon- and Ryzen-powered laptops are best suitable.

Notably, AMD Advantage laptops include Ryzen 5000 processors, Radeon software, and Radeon 6000 graphics, developed by the company. The novel technology supplements Smart Shift technology and Smart Access Memory.

Seemingly, the AMD Advantage laptops come with displays that reach nearly 300 nits of brightness, covering nearly 100% of the sRGB gamut or 72% of the NTSC gamut and have a refresh rate of 144Hz along with low latency and supports Freesync by AMD.   

It is also worth mentioning that the technology comes with more than 10 hours of video playback on battery. Citing sources, the 6000M series is expected to be available from June 1, 2021. 

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By Shreya Bhute

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