Amazon unveils interactive, video calling gadget ‘Amazon Glow’ for kids

E-commerce major, Amazon has recently unveiled a new gadget called ‘Amazon Glow’ that is aimed at helping kids communicate with their family members and other distant loved ones via video call.

While Amazon Glow is a rival to Facebook Portal devices that are primarily targeted at connecting families through video, it stands out by offering more than simply another connected screen experience.

For starters, Amazon Glow uses projection technology to generate an interactive space in front of the device that serves as a platform for virtual activities like games, painting, puzzles, and more, giving the impression of being in person.

For doing this, Amazon Glow uses sensors, immersive projection, and video, all in a single device.

The Glow, unlike other smart displays on the market, does not resemble a small TV. Instead, the tablet's 8-inch display stands vertically, and a projector generates a 19-inch touch-sensitive area in front of it for playing virtual games and other activities with far-away family members.

Kids and their loved ones can play multiple games together with Amazon Glow, and can choose among thousands of children's books to read together, as well as make drawings and do other activities.

The concept here is to make digital play more interactive, with experiences similar to being in the same room as the other person.

Amazon Glow is also capable of combining physical and digital activity. For example, it can scan a child's preferred toy and convert it into a personalized jigsaw riddle by displaying the digital scan onto a smooth surface in front of the device.

Children can then use their hand to shatter the digital scan into pieces, transforming it into a puzzle. Kids can also scan a drawing they did on paper and then digitally draw on the scanned version to create new artwork with the aid of a family member.

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By Shreya Bhute

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