Amazon launches its first non-food store in the United Kingdom

E-commerce major, Amazon is strengthening its foothold in the UK by launching its first non-food store. According to reliable sources, Amazon’s new retail store called ‘Amazon 4-star’ has launched in the Bluewater shopping mall and will sell around 2,000 of its best-selling and popular goods.

Products made available at the store are the ones rated more than four stars by consumers on the platform.

Notably, this will be Amazon's first-ever 4-star store outside of the United States, where more than 30 outlets currently exist. Products in categories like books, consumer electronics, toys, games, and homeware, will match with products available online for Amazon consumers.

Additionally, there's a "Most Wished For" area that displays the most popular items from consumers' wish lists.

Digital price tags are applied to verify that costs are the same in-store and online. Customers don't need to have an Amazon account to utilize it.

Customers will also be able to pick up and return products bought online without the need for packing or labelling.

Previously, Amazon had opened around six grocery convenience stores in the UK with checkout-free technology. However, Andy Jones, Director of Amazon 4-star UK, refused to say how many more stores they plan to open in future in the UK.

According to Natalie Berg, a retail analyst, Amazon's action is pure experimenting. She stated that the company's goal is to encourage greater internet buying.

Ms. Berg explained, this isn't about selling more stuff; it's about attracting customers into Amazon's ecosystem.

It is more about getting consumers involved with the devices of Amazon, making prime consumers feel more valued and offering extra options for collecting and returning online orders.

On the other hand, landlords may embrace the change as they look for new tenants to fill empty stores, owing to the shift in customer buying preferences to the internet.

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By Shreya Bhute

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