Aizon & TetraScience collaborate to speed up drug manufacturing

TetraScience, a leading R&D Data Cloud company has announced that Aizon, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) SaaS provider that renovates pharmaceutical production operations, has merged with Tetra Partner Network (TPN).

Reportedly, the merger would allow customers to create end-to-end data integrity and accelerate the delivery of drugs with increased output and improvised quality.

Simon Meffan-Main, Ph.D, Vice President of Product at TPN stated that Aizon transforms the way customers use data to achieve actionable insights across manufacturing sites.

Simon mentioned that the team is delighted with the Aizon collaboration as it will enhance the operational effectiveness from development via manufacturing using Tetra Data to enable Aizon’s advanced analytics and create data liquidity.

As per credible sources, pharmaceutical makers are widely adopting latest technologies to merge systems where data can be analysed by algorithms and used for critical real time operational efficiencies and businesses.

However, transporting scientific data from development into producing and mixing data manufactured in heterogeneous formats for advanced analytics remains an issue.

Apparently, Aizon uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to offer deeper insights that inform improved decision making in manufacturing in a series of applications such as bioreactor, predictive maintenance, GxP compliant data accumulation with contextualization, and digital twin.

The Tetra Research and Development Data Cloud consumes raw scientific data from different sources and engineers it to the sector’s sole globally adoptable format - Tetra Data, which is compliant, harmonized, actionable, and liquid and can be used to speed up operational and scientific outcomes throughout the pharma value chain.

John Vitalie, Chief Executive Officer, Aizon, commented that collaboration with TetraScience will let the company use engineering capabilities and data aggregation of the Tetra R&D Data Cloud in order to assist the customers gain insight and speed into production processes to scale with consistency and speed.

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By Shreya Bhute

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