Whanganui & Partners launches new pool of funding to aid startups

New Zealand-based economic development agency, Whanganui & Partners has recently unveiled a new pool of funding for assisting startups and businesses with growth plans.

The funding, which is designed for helping local people begin, grow and reconsider their businesses, will be quarterly available, with applications for the first investment round opening on March 29.

It will be evaluated against set criteria, with two businesses receiving $2,500 in support for their unique needs and $1,250 for business coaching or mentoring.

Tim Easton, Business Strategic Lead, Whanganui & Partners, said that building a program that supports businesses to grow is a way of investing in the future of Wanganui.

The firm has all these great ideas and motivations forming locally, with many dedicated and encouraged people ready to take action.

Its job is to pave a path to help them steer the challenges ahead. The firm is aware that after working with successful entrepreneurs and seeking advice or asking for help is a strength. The firm intends to simplify this task by building a program for businesses to engage and re-engage with.

Based on the response from locals who have started a business successfully over the past few years, the firm has built a program for giving a head start to the next batch of business owners.

Apart from the Business Boost funding for financial support for those ready to grow, a startup stream is set up to help people interested in building a new business.

Furthermore, eight startup information sessions are expected to function during the year, first taking place on April 28.

The one-hour session will offer insights from a successful local business owner, recognize each attendee's learning style and startup profile, and frame the available support structure for starting.

Source Credit - https://www.nzherald.co.nz/whanganui-chronicle/news/whanganui-partners-introduces-quarterly-fund-to-assist-starts-ups-business-growth/7XLU64YSK6I7CITI4Q2X67JUNY/

By Tete Heigrujam

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