Webscale unveils CloudEDGE CDN for enhancing the performance of commerce

With around 80% of the sites failing Core Web Vitals Google’s latest standards for measuring the user experience of the website, the ecommerce merchants are desperately searching for a solution.

In this regard, Webscale, a platform that accelerates page views through automated, end-to-end website performance optimizations, has recently announced unveiling Webscale CloudEDGE CDN, one of the first compute-at-the-edge, cloud-agnostic content delivery networks (CDN) in the world designed for the programmability needs and advanced performance of commerce.

CloudEDGE CDN offers Core Web Vitals improvement of progress of up to 30 points, more than any general resolution or outdated CDN can deliver by simply delivering and caching static content closer to the end-users.

With its advanced serverless edge infrastructure, coupled with end-to-end image optimization across any cloud and its intelligent caching, security, compute, and advanced features, CloudEDGE CDN certainly delivers solutions as per the need of modern commerce storefronts.

John K Nelson Jr., COO, Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters, said that the firm had witnessed a noticeable improvement in website performance and its Core Web Vitals scores, which allow it to contend efficiently in a business where the engagement level, conversions, and revenue all rely on the overall experience of the users.

The Webscale CloudEDGE platform offers extraordinary control over the complete application infrastructure and strong capabilities that offer a broad range of use cases.

Sonal Puri, CEO, Webscale, stated that Webscale CloudEDGE CDN is a contemporary CDN built intentionally to fulfill the rising demand of modern commerce enterprises, those who have exceeded their old-style uniform roots and seek to deliver a faultless customer experience across several platforms.

The firm has watched its customers struggle with the rising issues around site performance and organic search and manufactured the ideal solution to address the core of their challenges.

Moreover, it has been reported that Webscale will be showcasing Webscale CloudEDGE CDN at NRF 2022 this week in NYC.

Source Credit - https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2022/01/16/2367477/0/en/Webscale-Launches-CloudEDGE-CDN-and-Dramatically-Improves-Core-Web-Vitals-for-Commerce.html

By Priya Deshmukh

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