Unilever to try ‘warm ice cream freezers’ to reduce carbon emissions

Unilever, a British multinational consumer goods company, has recently announced that it is developing two trials to see if ice-cream storage can be done in freezer cabinets at a relatively warmer temperature. With this trial, the firm is trying to lower the carbon emissions by up to 30% for each freezer.

The first trial is expected to take place this month in Germany, with a second phase trial to be launched in Indonesia next year.

In the trial, the temperatures of the freezer cabinets will be increased from -18C to -12C to augment the energy efficacy.

Unilever will stage this “warm-up” strategy across last miles freezer cabinets in zones where the carbon emissions are higher, if the trial succeeds.

The retail ice cream freezers capture 10% of Unilever’s value chain emissions.

Matt Close, Unilever’s President for ice cream, said that these trials would provide precise information on how much energy can be saved and how the ice cream products will perform in the warmer freezer to ensure the same great-tasting ice cream is delivered.

The firm is thoroughly seeking to collaborate with partners from around the frozen foods and ice cream sectors to drive industry-wide changes, so the joint positive impact is far greater.

Having set the science-based targets for reducing the carbon emissions from the operation and cutting down the GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions across its value chain and products by 2030, Unilever has now vowed to attain net-zero emissions for products by 2039.

Up until the point of sale of products, net-zero emissions will account for the sourcing of the materials used.

In yet another news, Tesco is also unveiling new HGV refrigeration units, which will be powered by solar panels, reducing the use of diesel and building towards the retailer’s commitment of net zero for 2035.

Source Credits - https://www.edie.net/unilever-to-trial-warmer-ice-cream-freezers-to-reduce-energy-usage/

By Tete Heigrujam

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