South Korea to have world’s first floating city in Busan by 2025

UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda and New York-based Oceanix have reportedly collaborated to build the world’s very first floating city by 2025. The sustainable floating city’s construction will begin on the coast of South Korea’s Busan and will provide housing to almost 10,000 people in an area spread across 75 hectares of land.

Apparently, the exact location of the floating city is yet to be finalized but the estimated cost of construction will be nearly $200 million.

As per credible sources, the city’s construction has received a green signal from the Busan Metropolitan City of the Republic of Korea.

For the uninitiated, buildings of the floating city will reportedly have less than seven storeys to become wind resistant and boast of a low center of gravity. 

Oceanix suggested that it has planned to build a more buoyant future to curb the destruction caused by coastal urbanization which devastated marine life, propelling the climate change and rising sea levels.

Reportedly, harbors will be anchored to the seabed and will be constructed in a way to combat natural disasters like floods and even category 5 hurricanes.

Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director of UN-Habitat reportedly stated that the sustainable floating cities comply with the climate change adaption policies of the current situation.

Mr. Sharif mentioned that the organization is looking forward to developing nature-based solutions via the floating city concept. In this regard, Busan stands out to be an ideal choice.

For the record, residents will initially live on plant-based diet to bring down strain on resources like energy, space and water. Additionally, the waste generated by fishes will be converted to fertilizers which will be used for plants, aquaponic and aeroponic systems to grow organic crops.

According to sources, officials are still working out to finalize the numbers for the water-based city project and implementing the criteria for inhabiting in the sustainable livelihood.


By Priya Deshmukh

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