Sequent Software launches healthcare technology platform 3PSecure

The new platform utilizes more than 12 years of experience in fintech and is estimated to enlarge the capabilities of Invicta

Sequent Software, a privacy-enabling tech company that secures personal data in digital transformation, has recently unveiled 3PSecure, its newest technology platform in collaboration with Invicta Health Solutions, a US-based, privately owned healthcare industry revenue cycle supervision provider.

The new platform, termed "3PSecure, powered by Invicta," utilizes more than 12 years of experience in fintech and is estimated to enlarge the capabilities of Invicta in the healthcare ecosystem and Sequent's healthcare footmark.

It also offers privacy to Patients, Providers, and Payors, and its privacy guaranteeing technology certifies the 21st Century Cures Act & HIPAA compliance.

The De-identified data releases Electronic Health Records. The knowledge graph NLP and innovated analytics make the healthcare data meaningful and accessible, leading to extraordinary business and clinical intelligence for HINs, HIEs, RCMs, Pharma & Medical Devices and Data Aggregators.

Joan Ziegler, Sequent's Chief Executive Officer, said that Sequent is very excited about joining forces with Invicta. Their executive team, which Donny Zamora (CEO of Invicta) leads, possesses the experience of leveraging technology tools for ensuring flexible and fast deployment, just as it takes place at Sequent.

Moreover, Invicta keeps the payors, patients and providers at the vanguard of business and clinical intelligence. In addition, the deployment of Sequent's 3PSecure platform integration will offer even more innovative AI/ML analytics on the table.

This will help Invicta's healthcare clients achieve objectives securely, rapidly and always HIPAA and Cures Act compliant.

For those unaware, the clientele of Invicta comprises of small to large hospitals, healthcare systems and other organizations, and its services consist of AI/ML technology, eligibility, enrollment and claims management solutions. Its Health Solutions' approach combines advanced technology, a dedicated team of healthcare professionals to consistently exceed customers' expectations and proven workflows. 

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